Overcoming Frustration in Programming

I want to share some thoughts about frustration in programming.

Is programming hard? That is relative. Is programming for a specific set of brain characteristics? No on my opinion. What is programming hard relative to? Well, that’s why I want you to read this.

There is one common denominator when we talk about the hardships of programming, regardless of what is your preferred programming language and that it is FRUSTRATION. When you try to learn a specific language, to master a framework, or even to do something with what you have learn and there it is, always that one bug that makes you either steam up, hit your desk, scratch your hair, sometimes scream, get anxious and so on. Welcome aboard.

There is a phrase that I heard and is very accurate:

“Programming is 30% coding and 70% debugging.”

– Anonymous

And that is nothing but true! We spend a lot of time debugging, re planning as we move on with our project, for good or for bad. And sometimes frustration knocks the door, but I want to tell you the key to overcome frustration in this post if you are new to programming.

My words about frustration

Here are my words about frustration in programming, this is all based on my own personal experience and I hope that they can give you some light or serve of any help.

Frustration is a path

I want to start saying that frustration is a path, yes, to either embrace, commit and get better in what you want to learn and do or hate it, discourage and walk away.

To the questions, is programming hard to learn? I believe that it is relative, I mean is not the easiest skill to do, and in a world where most of the people want to go the easy way, most of it will think that programming is hard to learn, but is also very rewarding. So my answer is based on if you are interested on learn how to programming, your success will depend on how much you can cope frustration.

So frustration can help you to either learn or get discourage.

Frustration is an ongoing issue

I believe that in programming, frustration is just part of the learning process, you start learning something, you get frustrated at times, you learn, go to the next goal and repeat. Is a lot like life (lol).

Some people start learning and do well with the basics let’s say in web development HTML, CSS, Java Script, they find a job and stop learning right there, and is OK, but if you are willing to keep learning new technologies and move on, your most important skill is on how to deal with frustration on my opinion.

Whatever your goal is as a programmer, you will have to deal a lot with frustration.

Frustration can be your main ally

When we talk about frustration, it can be our main ally if we really are willing and determined to accomplish something. Sometimes I am sit on my computer programming until I face an unexpected bug. I go to stack overflow, review my notes, my courses, etc. and I just can’t smash it. I realize I am tired and need a break.

Next time I sit to continue the project, I feel sharper, more focus, connecting all the dots until I find the repellent for the bug. And that is one of the main things that I have learn about frustration, when you really have the will to overcome it, all of your senses come together until you are able to make it out.

If you don’t let frustration to intimidate you, you got half the battle win. Yes, it is a lot like life!

Let me know your thoughts

Yes, frustration have inspire so many solutions to real world problems, specially in programming, at the end, that is what I like to code for, to provide solutions to people who are dealing with frustration.

It is the skill to overcome it, the most important one when we talk about learn, develop and grow in the programming world. The skill to face an overcome frustration.

Tell me what do you think and your story about frustration and the process of learning a programming language.

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